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Take advantage of our great swiping rates to reduce your business costs

Due to our substantial client base we have the buying power to offer you:

  • Credit and Debit card fees at very competitive rates
  • Awesome service
  • Retain or change your present bank account with no hidden fees

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Why choose us?

Wholesale rates

Orbit World has been awarded a wholesale rate giving the merchant an opportunity to cut costs in their business

Seamless Process

No downtime during installation and our 24/7 call centre are at your disposal if needed

The Process

Contact Orbit World, your business partner, for information regarding the savings and service we offer.
A Standard Bank consultant will contact you to discuss your terminal requirements and sign the necessary agreements.


Standard Bank provides our merchants with terminals that are both cutting edge and PCI-DSS compliant.

Connectivity Enhancement

Dual sim capability
Connection to wifi if required
Xlink ensures secure, managed network capability making downtime a thing of the past
PCI-DSS Compliant

Value Added Services

Merchant Online Portal – Follow your cash 24/7.
Cash Back – The way to become a free ATM. No commission charges on transactions.
Prepaid Airtime and Electricity – The ability to sell airtime and electricity vouchers.
Tap to Pay – Collect quickly by using Tap to Pay.


Don’t converse with a robot. Come to Orbit World where service is key.


Terminals – Portable and Desktop – Integrated and non integrated.
Mobile Unit – BluMobi.
Access to business loans.



Click on the call me tab and fill in your details and one of our sales consultants will call you back


Our partner Standard Bank of South Africa will send a sales consultant to sign you up


Start saving money with our great swiping rates
Who are we – Orbit World
What are we – Independent Sales Organisation contracted to Standard Bank
Where are we – Just a phone call away


Access to the Latest Technology

Our Products are designed to suit your business needs.



AutoLink is a secure and convenient solution for physical payments where a cardholder produces his/her card for payment. All new AutoLink devices are Tap to Pay™ enabled.

Standard Bank Merchant Solutions offer two kinds of AutoLink terminals:

  1. AutoLink Countertop Terminals:

These standalone devices sit alongside your countertop or cash desk and are not portable. They work independently of your till system using a cellular network and are light-weight and easy to use. They are ideal for small retail outlets like stationers and florists.

  1. AutoLink Portable Terminals:

These terminals are portable, reliable and have a long battery life so they can be moved around and presented to cardholders at your premises. They are ideal for restaurants, quick-service outlets, petrol stations, exhibitions and outdoor venues.

  • AutoLink is ideal if you want to accept card payments and limit cash transactions
  • AutoLink facilitates quick, secure and convenient payments for your customers
  • AutoLink is ideal if you want to increase foot traffic in your business and assist customers to make quick and easy card payments
  • AutoLink is backed by a 24/7 support centre with technical assistance and authorisation support readily available
  • You can access daily and monthly transaction reports for AutoLink payments on Merchant Online



Take card payments anywhere, anytime.

  • Full color touch screen for rich customer interaction
  • Secure payments with no dependency on a smart device
  • Merchant portal to analyze sales trends, resend receipts and build a customer database
  • Accept all payment types: Contact/Contactless, mobile wallets, EMV,
  • E-Reciept via sms or email
  • Multiple connection options: 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth.

Prepaid Services

  • Earn extra income and win satisfied customers by allowing them to buy essential services quickly and conveniently.
  • Sell pinned and pinless prepaid airtime and data bundles.
  • Sell pre-paid electricity.

Instant Money

  • Let customers redeem Instant Money vouchers and check their balance.
  • These services can be activated on your PocketBiz device to accept cash and card payments. Cash Back
  • Offer the option for customers to draw cash at the till point. This is a safe and convenient service, particularly in areas with limited ATM access.



AutoSwitch is a solution that enables a direct connection into Standard Bank acquiring systems so a payment transaction takes only 3-5 seconds to process. AutoSwitch is the right product for merchants who operate single or multi-lane businesses, like fast food outlets and busy stores and who need to keep customer queues moving swiftly.

  • AutoSwitch is ideal for your business if you have single or multi-lane environments, like a fast food outlet or a busy store
  • AutoSwitch will suit your business if you don’t need to process any third party transactions, such as loyalty schemes for loyalty points
  • AutoSwitch is ideal if you have a small businesses and you need to speed up customer service and reduce queue time
  • AutoSwitch is a good solution if you want to effect quick card payments and enjoy the added benefit of till integration
  • This simple system only enables card payments, with no third-party payment gateway integration required
  • It is extremely fast with a direct connection into Standard Bank acquiring systems
  • Payment transactions take 3-5 seconds to process
  • It provides full transactional reconciliation and is integrated with your in-store till solution
  • It provides a single point of contact between you and Standard Bank, the vendor and acquirer
  • It is a PCI DSS complaint solution using certified devices

What is Tap to Pay?


  • Tap to Pay is a card payment system designed for secure, quick and easy payments for small payment amounts
  • Tap to Pay cards have the Tap to Pay logo and special antennas imbedded in them and are used on Tap to Pay terminals
  • All new AutoLink terminals are Tap to Pay enabled.


Tap to Pay at a glance


  • Cashiers activate the Tap to Pay payment and key in the transaction amount
  • A customer taps their Tap to Pay card onto a Tap to Pay card terminal and the payment is processed without needing a PIN or signature
  • Tap to Pay is ideal for merchants who process low ticket value transactions, such as fast food restaurants, petrol stations, supermarkets, convenience stores, movie theatres, etc.
  • Merchants who have to manage long queues would benefit from Tap to Pay
  • If a customer accidentally taps his/her card more than once, the system only processes a single bill
  • Cardholders never hand over their cards, so merchants cannot be held responsible for lost cards or for any fraudulent card use
  • All Tap to Pay cards are easily recognised by the Tap to Pay logo and can also contain a Visa PayWave logo or MasterCard PayPass™ logo



Stay on trend with our electronic eCommerce solutions to accept virtual payments or QR code through online channels. If you’re looking for a product that enables your customers to make secure payments electronically, this product may be just what you’re looking for. Strong growth in online shopping and eCommerce require stable and trusted payment systems, putting more customers within easy reach to boost sales and grow your business. To operate eCommerce payment solutions, you don’t need any physical device. You simply require a web interface that is fairly quick to set up.


  • your business operates on the Internet and you need web-based payments or phone payment functionality
  • you need to target a global audience in a virtual reality and/or you do not have a physical store
  • your customers need and want the convenience of online and mobile payments and/or online bookings and payments
  • you and your customers need online and mobile security for safe and trusted payment transactions
  • You don’t need any physical device installation for eCommerce or mCommerce
  • Our web interface is user-friendly
  • With our virtual solutions, your Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer operation can accept authenticated credit, cheque debit card, MasterPass

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